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Sambata, 27.05.2017
09:00 – 11:30

Session VI, oral presentations
Novel Insights into Brain Function and Dysfunction
Chair: Leon Zagrean (UMFCD), Adrian Balseanu (UMFCV)

  • Leon Zagrean: The brain as an interface for epigenetic environmental effects
  • Adriana Filip (UMF Cluj): Melatonin reduces the oxidative stress and DNA lesions, modulates ERK/NF-kB signaling pathway and improves the anxiety-like behavior induced by Bisphenol A exposure
  • Bogdan Catalin (UMFCV): Microglia change morphology during cardiac perfusion
  • Alexandru Paslaru (UMFCD): Neurovascular impairment after transient global brain ischemia measured by EEG reactivity
  • Alexandra Sevastre-Berghian (UMF Cluj): Curcumin reverses the diazepam induced - cognitive impairment by modulation of oxidative stress and MAPK/NFkB pathway in brain
  • Mara Iesanu (UMFCD): Modulating intracellular chloride concentration impacts on the viability of rat primary hippocampal cell cultures exposed to oxygen-glucose deprivation
  • Georgica Costinel Tartea (UMFCV): Assessment of neural influences in colorectal cancer
  • Roxana Flavia Ilies (UMF Cluj): Animal model of hydrocephalus
11:30 – 12.00 Coffee break
12.00 – 13.00

Round table
Modern Approaches to Physiology Teaching and Learning
Chairs: Carmen Tatu (UMFVBT), Adriana Filip (UMF Cluj)

  • Carmen Tatu, Carmen Pitic (UMFVBT): Biosignals-Clinical Applications Modular Course: 4-year follow-up
  • Daciana Nistor (UMFVBT): Teaching Physiology to French Section General Medicine – UMFVB Timisoara experience
  • Monica Cotarca (UMFVBT): The importance of tutoring in medical education
  • Laura Marusciac (UMFVBT): Medical student perceptions on bioethics – before and after
11:30 – 13:30  

Poster Session II

Chairs: Veronica Sfredel (UMF CV), Daciana Nistor (UMFVBT)

  1. Daniela Carmen Ababei, Veronica Bild, Oana Dana Arcan, Radu Lefter, Alin Ciobica, Iulia Antioh, Roxana Mihaela Barbu, Walther Bild: Systemic Ras blockade II with different dosages captopril, losartan and ramipril affects anxiety manifestations, but has no effect on immediate memory in mice
  2. I Bacalov, A Crivoi, A Chirita: Erythrocyte indices in alloxan diabetes on the background Of the CLZ III phytopreparate intake
  3. Ioana Anca Badarau, Catalina Mariana Ciornei, Gratiela Mihai, Magda Maria Buraga, Ioana Raluca Papacocea: Salivary markers for liver disfunction in patients with metabolic syndrome
  4. Ioana Anca Badarau, Catalina Mariana Ciornei, Gratiela Mihai, Cristian Scheau, Mircea Ovidiu Denis Lupusoru, Antoaneta Punga, Irina Eremia, Magda Maria Buraga, Ioana Stefanescu, Ioana Raluca Papacocea: The study of platelet reactivity in newborn
  5. Alexandru Cojocaru, Sanziana Godeanu, Diana Barbulescu, Nicolae Vladulescu, Tudor-Adrian Balseanu, Bogdan Catalin: Sham surgery (placebo surgery) is the new normal in modern research
  6. Elena Ciurariu, Victor Dumitrascu: Pleiotrophic effects of statins in non-atherogenic diseases: pharmacological significance, biochemical importance and clinical relevance
  7. Monica Cotarca, Carmen Tatu, Daniela Puscasiu: Methods of learning and examination used in the Physiology Department: Powerpoint Slide Presentation – the Physiology of the Captain America Superhero
  8. B Dragan, S Romanov, A Saulea, T Besleaga, V Minciuna: The parameters of muscle isometric efforts as indicators of the intrinsic motor control system's activity
  9. Ioana Georgescu, Laura Georgescu, Denise CM Zahiu, Vlad Morozan, Adrian Pana, Ana-Maria Zagrean, Daniela Popa: Alterations in the sensory-motor cortex connectivity during dystonic motor behavior induced by intracerebellar kainic acid administration
  10. Smaranda Laura Gotia, Smaranda Rodica Gotia, Sabine Groza, Marius Georgescu, Monica Cotarca, Octavia Harich: Smoking and salivary antioxidant capacity
  11. Sebastian Grada: Role of inflammation and oxidative stress of the cerebral tissue in the pathophysiology of Toxoplasma gondii infection
  12. Teodor Grigoras, Vasile Bogdan Halatiu, Adriana Vantu, Andreea Manescu, Calin Avram, Alina Scridon, Marcel Perian: Surface electrocardiogram recording in small animals
  13. Sebastian Isac, Mara Ioana Iesanu, Anca Maria Panaitescu, Ana Spataru, Alexandra Totan, Gheorghe Peltecu, Leon Zagrean, Ana-Maria Zagrean: Trans-resveratrol enriched maternal diet offers a neuroprotective effect in immature rat hippocampus after perinatal asphyxia exposure
  14. Smaranda Ioana Mitran, Daniela Badea, Catalin Bogdan, Taisescu Citto, Burada Emilia, Vrabete Maria: Neuronal changes after reversible cerebral ischemia
  15. Vlad Morozan, Denise CM Zahiu, Laura Georgescu, Ioana Georgescu, Alexandru Steopoaie , Adrian Pana, Ana-Maria Zagrean, Daniela Popa: Kainic acid intracerebellar repeated administration – a chronic mouse model of generalized dystonia
  16. Ioana Raluca Papacocea, Ioana Anca Badarau, Catalina Mariana Ciornei, Irina Eremia, Magda Maria Buraga, Ioana Stefanescu, Toma Papacocea: Plasma Pro-BNP in patients with severe TBI
  17. Toma Papacocea, Ioana Anca Badarau, Catalina Mariana Ciornei, Magda Maria Buraga, Cristian Scheau, Ioana Raluca Papacocea: Biochemical parameters associated to severe prognosis in traumatic brain injuries
  18. Daniela Puscasiu, Ioana Muntean, Monica Cotarca, Carmen Tatu, Gabriela Tanasie, Carmen Panaitescu: The Role of Cellular and Molecular Biology in the Modular Course “Biosignals-Clinical Applications”
  19. Cristian Scheau, Andreea-Elena Scheau, Mihaly Enyedi, Eugen Tarta-Arsene, Raluca Papacocea, Catalina Ciornei, Ioana Anca Badarau: Staging brain atrophy in normal adults – an MRI study
  20. Alexandru Steopoaie ,Vlad Morozan, Adrian Pana, Laura Georgescu, Ioana Georgescu, Denise CM Zahiu, Ana-Maria Zagrean, Daniela Popa: Sensory-motor cortex connectivity changes during exploratory behaviour, in mice
  21. Andra-Elena Balcangiu-Stroescu, Adina Lungu, Daniela G Badita, Iulia-Ioana Stanescu, Dan Piperea-Sianu, Antoaneta Punga: Fetal stress in intrauterine growth restriction
  22. Dana Carmen Zaha, Petrisor Pruteanu Cismaș, Ioana Coralia Codreanu, Lucia Daina: Colonization versus infection of the lower respiratory tract in ICU
  23. Irina Camelia Chis, Ramona Simedrea, Mihaela Mirel, Andrei Coseriu, Andra Clichici: Treatment Of Quercetin In Association With Moderate Exercise Training In Improving Type 1 Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
13:30 – 14:00

Closing Ceremony

Awarding of diplomas