Mission and vision


The Romanian Society of Physiological Sciences aims to offer its members a communication platform in order to promote the exchange of ideas and to advocate  the importance of Physiology in the era of personalised medicine.
Our Mission is to bring science to the benefit of community by:
1. Encouraging performance and innovation in research and education.
2. Promoting interdisciplinary research, enhancing and updating research methods.
3. Integrating and translating research results to support the improvement of health status in the general population.
4. Disseminating ideas and results among all members of society.
5. Promoting and facilitating communication among physiologists, particularly through supporting exchange of ideas, and supporting communication with other medical scientific communities.
6. Constantly improving the education process, with emphasis on physiology teaching and promotion of continuous education programmes on various Physiology themes.
7. Encouraging teacher, students and young researchers exchanges.
8. Promoting quality, integrity and ethics in research and education.